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 Israel-Hamas war updates

Uncategorized Israel-Hamas war updates

A yellow star is worn by Israel’s UN ambassador during a Security Council meeting.

An Israeli airstrike on a house west of Rafah resulted in multiple injuries and at least three fatalities, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA. Additionally, another Israeli airstrike targeted a residential building in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood southwest of Gaza City, according to WAFA. Additionally, it is reported that a house affiliated with the Red Crescent Society was struck by an Israeli plane close to the Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City. There were no reported casualties at the time of the two strikes. These incidents are included in the regular updates on the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel’s airstrike in southern Gaza is said to have caused deaths and injuries.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA reports that multiple people were injured and at least three people died as a result of an Israeli airstrike on a house west of Rafah.

Furthermore, a residential building in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood southwest of Gaza City was the target of another Israeli airstrike, according to WAFA.

Moreover, an Israeli plane is said to have struck houses connected to the Red Crescent Society near the west of Gaza City’s Al-Quds Hospital.

Regarding the two strikes, at the time, no casualties were reported.

Jordan’s UN envoy: “Forcible transfer of Palestinians is a crime.”

Jordan’s envoy underlined the international community’s commitment to protecting Palestinian rights and dignity in a firm and unambiguous statement made at the UN. The envoy was clear in saying that the forced relocation of Palestinians is a terrible crime that needs to be addressed right away and condemned.

The envoy’s remarks highlight the continued worry about Palestinians being uprooted and mistreated, especially in light of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Not only does the forced relocation of Palestinians from their homes breach their fundamental rights, but it also goes against international law.

Public opinion around the world supports Gaza: analyst

People worldwide, according to Palestinian political analyst Omar Baddar, who is based in Washington, DC, are “watching these massacres [in Gaza] in complete and total horror.”

Al Jazeera and Baddar claim that “they see that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is utter devastation, and not by accident as a result of the war, but by design.”

Israeli politicians have stated unequivocally that they have deliberately cut off all civilian populations’ access to food, water, and electricity. He said, “It’s a war crime.”

They [the Israeli government] plan to continue acting as if nothing is happening as long as the US backs them. Unfortunately, it seems to be still in place.

Israel and Hezbollah are fighting more, and Lebanon fears a regional war.

While the people of Lebanon are sympathetic to the Palestinians being bombed in Gaza as part of the Israel-Hamas conflict, there is also a growing fear that the armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah could get out of hand.Unlike earlier conflicts that remained within the Israel-Lebanon border region, more recently, Israel and the Lebanese armed group have been attacking each other’s territory.The 30-year-old Elie Khoury expressed his earnest hope that there won’t be a full-scale conflict from his phone shop in Beirut, as that would mean that it will never end. “Economically, we won’t be able to handle it.” Hospitals have trouble finding needles, and we don’t have a lot of medicine.

Israeli aircraft are still bombarding Gaza from the north and south.

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip persisted unabatedly for more than an hour.

For the last hour, a residential building in Khan Younis City has been collapsing. Another residential building was demolished in the southern portion of the Rafah district.

The attacks continued unabatedly around the Al-Aqsa Hospital, cutting off the region’s electricity.

Furthermore, the attacks continued in the Indonesian Hospital courtyard in the northern Gaza Strip. There have been three hits on it.


It’s also crucial to note that thousands of Palestinians who were uprooted from their homes reside in this hospital; they saw it as a safe haven for them.

“How many more days before you decide enough is enough?” UN envoy to Palestine requests Security Council

Riyad Mansour claims that the 2.3 million Palestinians “enduring suffering that no human beings should endure.”

During the emergency meeting about Gaza, the UN representative for Palestine stated that “they are besieged and bombed with nowhere safe to go.”

How long before you decide to call it quits? Mansour begged the council members to end the conflict right away, saying, “You are paralyzed, not acting, not carrying out your duty to maintain international peace and security and to stop that war.”

A UK Conservative MP was fired from his position as ministerial aide for calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Following his call for a ceasefire in Gaza, a British member of parliament lost his position as the government’s parliamentary private secretary.

In a letter to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last week, Paul Bristow, the Conservative MP for Peterborough, said that a ceasefire would “save lives and allow for a continued column of humanitarian aid” to reach civilians.

Even though there are still casualties in Gaza, the British government opposes a ceasefire, and a spokesman for Sunak claimed that Bristow was fired because he didn’t agree with the government’s stance.

The leaders of the main opposition Labour Party and the ruling Conservative Party have not called for a ceasefire, despite the fact that parliamentarians and council members, especially those in left-wing Labour, have begun to voice their disapproval.

Furthermore, a Labour MP was suspended on Monday for uttering the term “between the river and the sea” during a pro-Palestinian protest.

 The phrase, which demands Palestinian freedom between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, has drawn criticism from proponents of Israel.

As for “Israelis and Palestinians, between the river and the sea,” McDonald explained that the phrase referred to their “peaceful liberty.”

Palestinian journalists describe the horrors of war.

News reporters covering Gaza carry on with their work in the face of attacks and collective punishment that Amnesty International refers to as “war crimes.”

However, Palestinian journalists report on hitherto unseen levels of physical, psychological, and emotional stress in the occupied West Bank and elsewhere. They are up against escalating censorship, what they perceive to be intentional gunfire from Israel, and the difficult terrain of professional reporting.

Over the past few weeks, Al Jazeera has spoken with a number of Palestinian journalists about their experiences.

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